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Post-Communism Science In Russia

Posted on December 21st, 2015 by ScienceDude

Highly trained scientists leave the country and seek employment abroad. Many of the younger generation seek work in fields where they can make a living but do not follow their training in science or technology. For a traditionally static society, the mobility of this young and promising generation is high. The older generation, well established in the former system, has great difficulty adapting to the new realities of life. In fact, a whole generation, the lost generation of this great period of social upheaval, is now in a very difficult state. It may gradually be displaced by the younger and more active modern generation, who are the real hope for our future.

pcsirIn the organization of science, the traditional division between science and teaching has become a major issue, says Science On Stage, a popular science and computers website. The government has stated that the cooperation of science and teaching should be pursued, but unfortunately, due to the conservatism of the whole system, it is very difficult to carry out these policies. The loss of the old ideology has led to a veritable vacuum of ideas, an emptiness and lack of meaning in life, having a deep effect on the young and expressed in the morals of society.

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